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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pretense pretend "acts of cover yourself "

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😊😘👌

No matter what, you need to pretend not being your own self
Many times..or you don't need to do that actually 😊
What I mean here, there is some situation you need to that action 👌

However, there is times be honest is the good choice you have to do

See that situation wisely, choose what you wants to do with it
Since,myself...bukan xboleh jujur sgt tau..I'm just can't be that honest in front of a person I can believe 100% of her/him

I'm quite suspicious of a person
Not 100% believe them though

Too serious isn't it, me???
In this world, you can differentiate people that pretend or is not easy too huhuhu

But,if you know that person closely, you know her/his will be honest.stick to them until the end.

It is not easy to find a person like them.cherish them,okay 👌

Mostly, a person have 3 character in themselves ; public, people that close to them, themselves alone

Public?have to take care that image a good person not with evil intention.the most pretend actually,there is some of people be themselves 😊

People that close to you, open many things to them.that this..all of it..because they are someone that really close to us

Your self : the honest inner character, you needs a little bit space actually, not showing all of in your inner character to a person that close to you..just being yourself in front of your own what you wants.let go thongs that upset you.just be honest to yourself

Not many people..stuck to their character in 3 situation up there.
There is some people that crush honest with themselves

Pretend in a situation you need to do that action only..don't do it all the can hurt yourself

Be happy, contain your life with happy things, lead to happiness that is achieve it in front if your Lord Allah SWT
Try to chase His LOVE for us every time, every where He have done for us.
TRUST 100% Allah SWT will benefit you, not people that might fight you..a person is not perfect.Allah knows the best for you dear 😊

"syukran sudi membaca entri2 di blog ini ^^"

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